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BorderTrack carried in boot to assist in slippery conditions.
In wet conditions BorderTrack protects soil, but additionally BorderTrack allows clean access when cropping.
BorderTrack in conjunction with scaffold baulks used for filling skips.
BorderTrack simplifies setting out and levelling of beds. It allows accurate spacing of plants or seeds. It can be left in place to perform other functions after sowing or it can be re-used elsewhere
BorderTrack is formed so as to provide safe foot and wheel traffic in wet or muddy conditions, while protecting the soil from consolidation

BorderTrack is a new and simple aid to gardening.

It improves access, safety and efficiency.

BorderTrack is re-usable in many applications throughout the four seasons.

SPRING. BorderTrack makes sowing, thinning and planting out easy, whilst warming the soil. It supports cloches and protection nets.
Raised Beds:
BorderTrack can be used vertically to form raised beds or retaining walls in sloping ground, thus creating level beds. Durable border and path edges can also be forms.
BorderTrack laid flat formes a base for compatible cloches protective nets and supports of all kinds.
BorderTrack buried in a vertical position acts as a base for cages, protective fences and tall plant supports.
SUMMER. BorderTrack suppresses weeds and reduces watering by directing water onto plant roots and reducing evaporation thereafter. It forms a base for plan protection nets and supports of all types.
AUTUMN. BorderTrack allows safe access for cropping. It can be used to blanch and protect vegetables from frost. Containers can be formed for compost or storage.
WINTER. BorderTrack allows barrow access for soil preparation in all weather conditions. It forms storage for root crops or bulbs. Used as a mulch it will help prepare soil without digging.
laid out as an access board to prevent soil compression during planting or sowing, BorderTrack provides both line and spacing for plants. By the use of the corrugations which are 100 mm apart, thinning out can also be done accurately.
Root Restriction:
BorderTrack here preventing the excessive spread of aggressive root systems from trees or hedges.
BorderTrack used in the formation of compost heaps and root storage boxes. temporary retention of soil when trenching.
Water Containers:
BorderTrack forming temporary water containers using butyl or polythene lining.
Support and Protection
BorderTrack can be used for blanching or banking leeks, potatoes or celery
BorderTrack protects carrots from low flying carrot fly with hoops for fleece over the top optional
Wind Break:
protecting vulnerable plants or stock from wind and creating a suntrap is an application of BorderTrack either in a permanent arrangement or a temporary one.
BorderTrack can form a secure base for fruit or brassica cages either above ground or below to stop rabbits.
BorderTrack here forming secure base for frame for climbing or vulnerable plants.
Setting out:
if left in place during dry weather, BorderTrack acts as a mulch, retaining moisture and concentrating watering onto the roots.
for double digging BorderTrack is useful for setting out, safe access and drying out of perennial weeds prior to composting.
BorderTrack can be used in conjunction with cloches and protective nets, while retaining the capabilities above listed.
ripening alliums before storage and protecting strawberries from damp are uses of BorderTrack
BorderTrack forming level beds on sloping ground by creating retention walls.
BorderTrack forming raised beds for easy access and deep cultivation.
Car Tracks:
Barrow Track:
BorderTrack in wet conditions prevents soil compaction and accidents.
Barrow Ramp:
Foot Traffic:
BorderTrack may be used for access over fragile or dangerous surfaces.  As this is not possible to photograph, here are some nice flowers instead.
Prototype mould:
to form rubber or plastic versions.
Wicker and bamboo prototype:
a non- technical solution.
Plastic prototype
Wheelchair Access:
It is hoped that BorderTrack would be of use to people with disabilities  This is a specialised field and is not dealt with here.
BorderTrack is designed in a rigid form to be used in construction and engineering applications, particulary for tempory works.
BorderTrack has potential horticultural and agricultural users in varying climatic conditions.
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